Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Simple OOXML 2.1.3565 Released

Create .xlsx and .docx documents from templates or from new without Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. This release fixes previously reported issues and adds the following functionality

  • Works with August 2009 CTP of the Open XML SDK.
  • DeleteRow and DeleteRows from a Worksheet
  • Use FindColumn to retrieve a column from a Worksheet e.g. to set a column width.

The following issues have been fixed
  • id# 2227 - PasteDataTable results in a corrupt .xlsx file when pasting a DataTable that contains typeof(float) columns with a CultureInfo other than "en-US"
  • id# 2291 - PasteDataTable fails with adjacent existing data

Note: Download the source code to view examples and unit tests with lots of sample code.


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