Monday, 19 April 2010

Coming to a browser near you – HTML 5

Found this great web based slide show detailing the changes and additions that make up HTML 5.0

progress webworkers

(Warning – not IE friendly)

Great comparison of web browser performance


Jason Gube at has posted a great article comparing browser performance. It pretty much echos day to day performance I’m seeing and backs up my decision to switch to Chrome.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Hitting the thousand mark on stack overflow

The last few weeks have seen me actively participating in the community of programmer and pundits known as

I set myself a target of reaching 1000 rep in two weeks and Im really glad to say I managed to do it in 11 days, thanks in part to a particularly feisty conversation about team participation vs individualism and how it relates to building and testing software.

My observations are that once a popular user (read user with high reputation or awards) replies to a question, most other users will jump on that band wagon. In practice, choosing other responses that are voted up even only once or twice may be more prudent.